A Perfect Alternative to Harmful Plastic

As we all know Plastic has become a very important part of every consumer’s lifestyle from construction to packaging, due to their various properties of strength and their availability in bulk and at a very lower price. But the same harmful plastics are polluting the oceans and causing harm to our mother earth. Their use in masses is not just harming the environment but also harming each and every individual’s health, both during and beyond it’s life cycle!

Does this mean that there is no solution and a sustainable alternative? Compostable Bioplastic is the solution to this. Bioplastics are a type of plastic made from renewable resources such as corn starch, sugarcane, potato starch, and vegetable fats and oils. Unlike traditional plastic, which is made from petroleum, bioplastics are made from organic materials. They provide the same strength, quality, and convenience. Compostable Bioplastics Degrade and become one with the nature within 80-180 days unlike traditional plastics which take upto 1000 years to degrade and turn into microplastic which still harms the mother earth and human beings. Scientists have found Microplastics in human blood which can have adverse health impact and even cause cancer.

Bioplastics have capability to replace the plastic being used in the packaging industry. There has been a lot of R&D taking place in order to increase their shelf life which will further broaden their use in other applications.

The ban of Single-use plastic has led to high demand in other eco-friendly alternatives such as Packaging from Kraft paper, Cloth, and Non-woven materials. But are these actually really saving our Mother Earth. Making kraft paper packing leads high amount of deforestation, cloth bags being water intensive leads to extensive use of resources during production where as non-woven bags often mistaken as cloth bags are just another form of plastic!

Therefore the best alternative available is 100% Compostable Bioplastics. It is Hard to believe that something having same strength and quality as traditional plastic can degrade completely within 80-180 days leaving no residue.


Compostable Bioplastics have provide various advantages to the environment along with satisfying the consumer needs which make them exclusive and the perfect sustainable alternative. They are made from renewable resources, 100% compostable, reduce carbon footprint, Reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and are highly versatile.

Intensive Research and development in the field of compostable bioplastics has the potential to rplace significant amount of harmful plastic which will drastically reduce the plastic pollution.

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